Support FLL

One of our goals is to assist FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) teams with finding resources they need for a successful robotics season.

Last year, there were 46 teams in the Florida Panhandle. You may know of an elementary or middle school in your area that has a FLL team. Each of these teams may need mentors, registration fees, and resources. Coming soon – List of schools seeking assistance. Here is a sample budget of what a team needs to operate through the season:

FIRST® Program Registration with field mat & models: $300
EV3 Mindstorms Robot: $380
T-shirts (optional): approx. $200
Technical and non-technical mentors and volunteers: priceless!

Teams that show commitment will many times receive an allowance for robots from their principals and/or school districts and are encouraged to speak with their school systems at least six months prior to the start of the new season in order to be considered for funding. However, many school districts cannot afford this expense. Sponsors, your help is critical whether you choose to donate monetarily or with your time! Also, consider asking your company or organization to sponsor a robotics team. Very often companies have funds set aside to donate toward education and are looking for schools to sponsor!

Email Lauren Bierman for more information on how to get involved.